Finally on Instagram

Well, I've finally found my way to Instagram. Yes, I know it's a bit late, and I'm sure all of the cool kids have moved on, but it's another way to get my work out into the world, so I might as well take advantage of it. To that end, I've been digging into my archive of images from my career as a photographer/photojournalist, and I am discovering some gems that I thought had been lost to time. Much of my early photography from my time in the service was lost because I didn't necessarily have control over the archiving of that work, and in the early days of digital, we just weren't thinking in those terms. I'm only recently piecing together that work via archives, negatives, outdated media, printed materials and colleagues who have been kind enough to help. Some of these were published, some weren't, and some are brand new. I hope you'll follow me to see what comes next. Just click here.