Modified Slide Copier/Digitizer

Someone was giving a away a box of what they considered "photo junk," and while going through it I came across an old Spiratone Vario-Dupliscope slide copier. It doesn't mount to any of my cameras, so decided to do some modifications to modernize this cast-off old tech.

There is an extension piece for the Dupliscope, so I used a dremel to take out the entire center of a D810 body cap and then gaffer's tape to connect the extension to the cap.

The extension connects to the Dupliscope, the body cap connects to the camera, and voilà! The digital slide/negative duplicator is ready to go.

Not only can I duplicate slides, but I can also slip negatives into an unused cardboard slide mount to duplicate those as well. This is a photo of my grandmother and my sister taken by my uncle probably around 1973.

Is this better than using my flatbed scanner or a dedicated slide scanner? Probably not. Is it portable? Absolutely. Next time someone has negatives or slides I want and carting around a scanner isn't the best idea, this will certainly do in a pinch.